Effective Feedback Without Marking | Nick Coles

Nick Coles is a primary school teacher based in Peterborough. The school he works in recently made the national press when they decided to ‘scrap marking’ and instead focus on developing a more child-centred form of verbal feedback. The decision was taken by the school due to the fact that the process of marking had often become a demoralising task for the teachers and an unhelpful form of feedback for pupils.

Reality is overrated. | Lee Mason

Lee Mason was a day dreamer as a child and is a digital artist with a passion for VR art programs now. In this experimental mixed reality piece, he uses Google’s creative VR software Tiltbrush to help illustrate his own story and to share why he thinks spatial design in VR, and immersive media as a whole, have the potential enable anyone to bring their own dream worlds into reality and allow others to explore them from within.

The science of being silly. | Taz Thornton

Funny, insightful and thought-provoking, Taz Thornton, complete with comedy glasses, taps into childhood memories of laughter, comedy tumbles and wellies stuck in mud and explains how these life lessons around embracing daftness led to her examining the serious of silliness and its true value today. 

Taz calls on help from Professor Doctor René Proyer, at the Martin-Luther-University, in Germany, who has a special interest in playfulness in adolescence and adulthood. 

Help your child to sleep - empower connection to relax | Gitte Winter Graugaard

Are you having trouble getting your child to sleep?

Danish bestselling author Gitte Winter Graugaard explains how children today in general sleep too little and why sleep deprivation among children is a major concern. She argues that as more and more parents are stressed out and feel disconnected we see children suffering from a range of mental health problems. Problems related to sleep are often the first sign that something is off.

Feel it... before you feed it. | Helene Philipsen

After winning her battle with severe binge eating and obesity, losing 130 lbs and discovering true self-love, Helene Philipsen has committed her life to helping others do the same. Because she wants you to know, that living freely and confidently inside a healthy body and mind – is possible for anyone.

Because she wants you to know, that living freely and confidently inside a healthy body and mind – is possible for anyone.

There's no such word as can't | Emma Sheardown

How many of you have said that you can’t do something just because you didn’t want to do whatever has been asked of you?

If Emma Sheardown had said ‘I can’t’ at various stages throughout her life, then she certainly wouldn’t be here, speaking at TEDx!

Emma was diagnosed at fourteen months old with Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy and doctors predicted that she would never walk or talk. The next few years of life were taken up with daily physiotherapy, speech therapy programmes as Emma’s parents worked hard to get her as well and as mobile as possible. Aged 6, all of this hard work paid off as she finally took her first steps unaided – Emma could walk!

We all need a fashion fast | Carly Leonard

How can we all take steps to reduce our environmental impact?

Changing our food and travel behaviour are well recognised ways of treading more lightly but how about thinking differently about the clothes we wear and what we buy? Carly Leonard is Chief Executive of the sustainability Charity PECT. With a strong interest in environmental issues from childhood, Carly lives the values of the Charity that she represents. However, buying clothes had always been something of a blind spot and in this talk Carly describes the lessons from a year out of buying new clothes and highlights the vast scale of the impacts of the fashion industry.

My heart health journey | Adam Stevens

Adam Stevens (not a doctor) has the answers to the confusion many people, and most Doctors, suffer – why people like you, in the western world are getting fatter, sicker and living out life with terrifying health issues.

NOTE FROM TED: While some viewers might find advice provided in this talk to be helpful as a complementary approach, please do not look to this talk for medical advice. We’ve flagged this talk for falling outside TEDx’s curatorial guidelines. This talk only represents the speaker’s personal understanding of and experiences with heart disease, diet, and overall health. TEDx events are independently organized by volunteers.

My thoughts on eating for our microbes | Sarah Parkes

How would you define human? The standard definitions on offer do little to describe the complexity and wonder of the walking, talking ecosystem that each of us really is. We are only just beginning to appreciate the degree to which our mental health is influenced by the wellbeing of this ecosystem as a whole, and in particular, our gut microbes. Sarah Parkes explains how the typical Western diet may have far more ominous consequences than simply an expanding waistline.

NOTE FROM TED: Please consult with a mental health professional and do not look to this talk for medical advice. While the speaker references some legitimate studies in the talk, the intersection of nutrition and mental health is still an emerging field of study with limited conclusive evidence.

Why I think love is powerful | Sólveig Thorarinsdottir

A former Badass banker, Sól flipped her world to become a peaceful Love Warrior and shares the message of unconditional love as a fierce agent of self-development for body, mind and soul. 

Sól’s experience has shown that all conflicts come from dis-contentment and being ill at ease in your own skin, which leads to frustration, anger and the worst-case scenario, WAR. We can end this together.

NOTE FROM TED: While some viewers might find advice provided in this talk to be helpful as a complementary approach, please do not look to this talk for medical advice.

My journey to self love | Dr Andrea Pennington

For decades, Dr. Andrea Pennington hid her battle with depression and anxiety. As a popular American medical journalist and TV host she survived her high powered media career as a functional depressive. Denying her true passion for artistic expression became so painful that she hit rock bottom with depression and burnout. In despair she went on a journey that led to a surprising musical epiphany, an out of body experience and an awakening, which helped her reconnect to the essence of her Authentic Self. This inspired her to go on a journey of inner work, self-exploration and self-expression.

NOTE FROM TED: While some viewers might find advice provided in this talk to be helpful as a complementary approach, please do not look to this talk for medical advice.

My experience building resilience | Claire Russell

What if resilience is built into every human being and IS the key to good Mental Health? Claire Russell is a mother of two, director of 3 businesses and volunteer with Samaritans. She has faced a series of physical and emotional challenges that have tested her to the limit. A near fatal infection in her early teens, a stroke when she was 18, a personal battle with mental health, the loss of her partner to suicide… a relentless list of difficult life events that Claire has been able to endure and bounce back from, determined to help others. But how?

This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED.

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