TEDxPeterborough: how it all began

In 2017 I attended my first TEDx event. It was TEDxChichester and I went to accompany one of the speakers. In fact I was the chauffeuse for the day.

At this stage I’d seen a few TED and TEDx videos and enjoyed TED related conversations at business networking events, but my knowledge was pretty limited.

It was my first TEDx experience that was to lead to me becoming an out and out TEDx supporter and now the licensee and curator of the very first TEDxPeterborough.

There was such a variety of speakers at the Sussex event and from all corners of the globe. All with their unique, distinct styles and messages but with one vision and one mission – of showcasing ideas worth spreading. A powerful combination and totally intoxicating.

I came away from the event filled with wonder, enthusiasm and determination. So many questions! I’d seen the glowing looks of the speakers when they had just delivered their talk, I watched as the audience, me included, was captivated by the diversity of topics. I immersed myself in the discussions during the breaks. So much to think about. I could almost see the thought bubbles popping from every audience member as they soaked up the information being shared.

A few days later and I was in touch with TED about staging a TEDxPeterborough event. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today I write this sitting at my laptop with a snoring dog by my side and that excitement for all things TED and TEDx is still very much with me. In fact I’m sure it’s in my blood and here to stay.

This morning I’ve been talking to my fellow TEDx teamies (TEDxPeterborough Event Manager Michelle Scott and Sponsorship Manager Nathan Eaves) about our next get together when we’ll be discussing staging of the event, sponsorship (Check out www.tedxpeterborough.com and speak to Nathan to be a part of TEDxPeterborough history in the making), our new website, marketing, plus finalising our first TEDxPeterborough speakers (selected from a large pile of submissions) and lots, lots more. Our agenda gets ever longer!

By the way, if you’d love to be a TEDxPeterborough speaker please email hello@tedxpeterborough.com (or fill in the form here). Though you may have missed the deadline for our 2019 event we do have a reserve speaker list and will be looking for speakers for 2020 so take the plunge and get in touch. Check out and send us your details.

We can’t wait to share more about our first TEDxPeterborough so keep checking back here and be part of our fabulous journey.

TEDxPeterborough is on! Put it in your diary now! Wednesday, April 3, 2019. The Key Theatre. Peterborough. Details of how you can grab your ticket to be part of this amazing event in our wonderful city coming soon. See you there!

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